#52 is Moonbeam, a Bodacious daughter that I added to my herd. She had a really nice heifer calf on March 5, 2016. This calf, named Lil Cindy, is the friendliest Momma raised calf I've ever seen.  She's a keeper. Sired by Prince, she will be small.
Miss Bodacious has a ton of "chrome", and her genetic diversity is very important to my herd. Her sire was Bodacious, hence her name of Miss Bodacious. Her mother was sired by Twister, another gorgeous paint. She is a 4 year old, so hopefully is bred to Prince for a 2016 calf.
This newly purchased cow has the conformation I like. She is the mother of the blue & white paint heifer listed below and has the same build, gorgeous horns, and large hump. She is also bred to Prince for a winter calf.
#606 is Grace,  a daughter of mini zebu Sir Chief, so she has a huge hump (for a cow).  She has a typical zebu head also.  She's small and very friendly. She's been a really great brood cow and is the mother of two of the paints in my herd. Grace delivered a tiny bull calf on January, 2015, and another bull calf January 20, 2016.  She's also the mother of Patches below, and the oldest cow in my herd. She is due to calf this winter.  
Freckles is a gorgeous 29-1/2 black & white paint shown here with her first calf born June 8, 2016..  Sired by Diablo, Freckles is very laid back and calm. She is one of my smallest cows, and definately friendly. Her calf, named Sir Patrick II, is a beautiful very tiny bull sired by Prince.
This is Moonglow. She's one of my originals along with Diablo. I sold her years ago, and just bought her back recently. Only 33" tall, I really like this cow.  This is her summer coat. In winter she is a blue & white.
Patches is a 2011 cow that is only 32" tall. This little heifer is only her second calf and she's going to be a beauty. She will turn black & white shortly and since her sire Prince is only 31" tall, she will stay small.  She will have a new home in Vermont.  
Stella is shown here with her 2016 heifer calf. Gorgeous cow--grogeous calf! This cow is just beautiful. She's bred to Prince for a winter calf which should be another colorful one since it's sired by Prince.                                                           **** SOLD TO IOWA ****
#62 is DeeDee who had her third calf in May. She's very colorful as well as very friendly. This is the type of cow I try to breed for. These mini zebu paints are much smaller than most black & whites.  She is very laid back and friendly.  She's also broke to lead. DeeDee is one of my favorites. Her heifer calf, sired by Prince, will be a black & white paint colored like her mother. She is a full sister to the calf Crystal from last year, and will also be a keeper.  Her name is Tiffany.
This is a four year old cow I bought in a herd sellout from Oklahoma.  She is a daughter of my former herd bull Diablo, which is where all the color came from in my herd. She's in bad need of groceries, and she broke a horn off in the process of going to the auction, but she's a gorgeous little 30" cow and will do well bred to my little bull Prince.
This is Bandi, a ten year old cow that was crippled by my ex farrier. She has no use of her left rear leg, so I assumed she couldn't support a bull. I decided just to give her a home as long as she was in good shape otherwise. To my surprise she gave birth to this heifer calf on August 8, 2016. This heifer calf, named Lucky Girl, is very tiny. In fact I think she may also be a paint.  Bandi is also the mother of a couple of my paint cows. She's a very good mother, so need to give her respect when she has a newborn calf.
This 3 year old 29" heifer is a blue & white paint that has super nice conformation. She had her first calf on March 22, 2016, a beautiful heifer who will be black & white in a couple of months. Sired by Prince, Heather is bred back the same way for a 2017 calf. She has perfect horns and a huge hump. She will only improve as she gets older. Her heifer calf was sold to Wisconsin.