Born January 20th, 2015, here's the first calf of 2015, a very tiny bull. Grace is a tiny 33" cow, and calf #81 was sired by Prince, who is 31" tall. So he will remain very tiny. Not sure yet what color he will end up...time will tell. The only thing I'm sure of is that he will not stay the color he is now. This is Prince's first offspring. Grace is a very good Momma, laid back and easy to handle. She's a  daughter of Komoko Ranch's Sir Chief.                        ****SOLD**** MOVING TO KENTUCKY
Patches, a 32" cow had her first calf March 16, 2015.  Patches is a daughter of Grace, above.  She's a very gentle cow and a good Momma.This heifer calf, named Katie, will no doubt be colored like her mother. Her sire is Prince, my 31" tall herd sire, also a black & white paint. She is in training right now. She was the color of Lil Crystal below when she was born, so already turning black.                                                                        SOLD!  MOVING TO TEXAS.
DeeDee's second calf born May 9th, 2015 was this gorgeous heifer, #83, named Lil Crystal.  She will be black & white in a couple of months and be colored very similar to her mother. Crystal is very tiny, and will remain that way since her mother is 33" and her sire Prince is 31".Check out her size as compared to the bucket hanging on the wall behind her. She's a keeper!

Ok, one last picture of Lil Crystal!  Turning black already at two months old, Crystal is on the left and Katie is on the right. Both have super nice personalities.....laid back like their Grandpa Diablo. Katie is a little older, having been born on St. Patrick's day. These are the type calves I strive for.
I had to add another picture of Crystal #83 since she is my pride & joy! She is what I breed for, both small and colorful! Her mother DeeDee is probably the most colorful cow in my herd, and it looks like her daughter will be even better. Born May 9th, 2015 she is less than four days old in this picture. She's a keeper for sure!
Ok, just one last picture of Crystal! This picture shows her size as compared to the geese behind her. What a tiny beauty. Can't wait for her color change.
 Another paint calf fresh out of the oven. This bull  will be black & white in a few weeks without a doubt.  Born June 13, 2014 this colorful bull calf is #78, named Sir Patrick II. Friday the 13th was a lucky day for me.                                                             ***SOLD***
This is Ringo, fresh out of the oven. #84 is being watched over by an overly protective mother. He's going to be another gorgeous paint bull, and was sired by Prince. Born July 31, 2015, he will also turn black & white in a couple of months.
Born June 12, 2013 to the first calf heifer Princess, this little girl was up nursing in minutes, and was running around within the hour! She's going to be colored very loud and will no doubt be black & white in a few weeks.  Freckles is extremely tiny.
This pair of heifers, born a month apart, are what I strive for. They are both very small and just gorgeous. 71 on the left is already turning black, and I see some black beginning on the forehead of 72 also.  When I wean them, I will break them to lead, simply to they become friendly and easy to handle.
Talk about a variety of color! The heifer on the left is the most colorful of the year and one of the smallest. She will be black & white when she finishes coloring out.
The yellow bull on the right is an unusual color. He won't stay that color I'm sure, but not sure what color he will be after he sheds.
The heifer on the left is a keeper. The bull on the right is ***SOLD***       LIVING IN OHIO